Summerview  advisors are certified by NRCan. Our professional team will perform a energy assessment to identify how the building uses energy and where it is being wasted. Assessment report will show you how to improve the comfort of the building and cut energy costs, while ensuring adequate ventilation for a healthy indoor environment for people. As required by out clients, we will provide energy solutions to meet LEED standard.

 The service includes:

1. A detailed energy evaluation of the property carried out by our professtional team, which includes energy professionals and certified energy advisor
2. Relative tests to find where energy is wasted
3. A printed report that shows where your energy dollars are being spent and what you can do to improve energy efficiency
4. Energy efficiency chart sthat show you how energy efficient the building will be compared with current condition


For general information or book an assessment, please call 416-918-6162 or E-mail: