Summerview offers local expertise and in-depth professional knowledge to assist in project management on real estate development and property market. Our project management team provides a broad range of services tailored to the constantly evolving needs of developers and investors in the dynamic marketplace.

We also assist a select group of premier local developers and private investor who are looking to find asset investments and/or co-investment strategies in North American market. Our assistance in the strategic analysis, product "packaging" and targeted marketing allow clients to find the right investment and partners at the right price.

Summerview’s unrivalled coverage, in-depth local market knowledge and transactional experience enable us to effectively anticipate trends and uncover opportunities. Summerview is the perfect choice for investors and owners looking for more than just a "brokerage" service in Canada. Our management includes:

1. Project feasibility analysis

2. Project positioning

3. Development planing, project system and process

4. Business management

5. Financing management

6. Design management: including management of design companies; review, optimization and tracking of design programs and shop drawings  

7. Cost control: including investment estimate, budget management, contract management, management of public bidding invitation of all kinds of professional companies

8. Construction management: including evaluation and optimization of construction programs, monitoring of quality and progress of constructions; management of professional construction companies 

9.  Marketing management: including marketing programs, marketing arrangement, selection and management of agents, organization and monitoring of sale, etc.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss the requirements of your demands. Summerview’s professiona team provides best service for your requirements.

Tel: +1 (416) 918 6162